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NEW ENGLAND WOOD DASH, INC. has spent many years perfecting luxurious wood dashes. We don't cut corners in our operation. Our manufacturing process is time consuming, but we think it's worth it.

When you purchase a NEW ENGLAND WOOD DASH, you are guaranteed the ultimate in authentic wood dashes. We offer a five year warranty. If your NEW ENGLAND WOOD DASH ever fails to live up to our guarantee, we'll replace it, free-of-charge. How can we be so sure our
product will last?

NEW ENGLAND WOOD DASHES are hand-dipped into a unique, ultra-glow epoxy resin, to get that beautiful finish. This epoxy resin is specially treated to guard against damage from ultraviolet light that can wreak havoc with your car's dash. Epoxy resin is the most durable product available on the market today. To trim costs, some companies just "spray on" a thin polyester finish. We spend a little more for epoxy so that your NEW ENGLAND WOOD DASH will last as long as you own your car.

What about the adhesive? Only the best possible adhesive is used on your NEW ENGLAND WOOD DASH. To assure permanent bonding, able to
withstand temperature extremes, we use 3M Double-Faced Tape (4229P) that expands and contracts with your car's dash, eliminating lifting or warping that occurs with other adhesives.

NEW ENGLAND WOOD DASHES are the result of high-technology combined with master craftmanship. When you have a NEW ENGLAND WOOD DASH installed in your vehicle, you can be sure you possess the finest product money can obtain!

Eddie Chehab

Quality is the measure of integrity

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